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After the Christmas & New Year binge I thought the time had come to lose weight and be a bit healthier so I wanted to exercise and re-think my diet. I asked advice from Adrian on what exercises I could do and my diet. The advice was practical and the food was healthy, tasty and easy to follow (for example, eating little and often, adding nuts and protein – I found this really made a difference). In the last 20 weeks I have lost 35 lbs, my goal was 2.5 stone so I am really pleased with how much I have lost so far – I have mainly achieved this through dieting (kept an eye on the calories & fat content in food and drink), exercising 5 times a week (gym or outdoor running) and giving up alcohol. If I had any questions during the time so far, Adrian and the Staff have been great at advising and even re-motivating me at a time when I felt I wasn’t making progress. The gym has been a great help!


Sports massage and exercise testimonial Over the years I have had Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Osteopath and Physiotherapy treatments.  On each occasion I have had relief for a short time only to relapse after a relatively short time.  Finally, a friend told me about the treatment you offer.  Now, I blame you for what has evolved as a result of having sessions with you. After the assessment of my problem you started to work on me from toes to the neck and finally homing in on the areas causing me grief i.e. my right shoulder and my right hip. After two or three weeks I started to feel really good.  You then suggested some very simple exercises twice a day together with my weekly visit and the results were astounding. You further suggested I watch what I was eating (everything in moderation) and started to lose weight. You must excuse my language but I have been suffering and soldiering on for over twenty years and feel I have a right to be enthusiastic.  At this point I contracted a nasty cold so reluctantly stopped the exercises. The other day I got up rather quickly from my chair and felt dizzy so it was off to the doctor who arranged for me to have an ECG, I thought whoops what’s this about.  Anyway my ECG results were A1 so he then went through the pills I had been taking for the last sixteen years.  He came to the conclusion that you getting me feeling so good coupled to the exercises you prescribed alongside the smaller plates of food and drink water in sips had changed my metabolism and reduced my medication by more than 50%. What a result!! Back to my dizziness: My blood pressure was through the roof and my pulse rate was a lowly 31!  I am now on reduced medication and feeling on top of the world, lots of life and a spring in my step.


Lost 15 lb’s with the 90 day weight loss challenge.

Mel Buchanan

Mel Injured ankle whilst running outside and how adapted program got Mel back on track for weight loss training I regularly train with Adrian Forster, about three times a week plus a short run once or twice a week on my own.  I badly sprained my ankle following a fall on one of these runs. One week after the injury I had only dropped one training session, was back running and dancing in heels!  I am truly amazed, it is mainly down to Ade with a bit of hard work from me too, but there is no way my recovery would have been this quick without him. Here’s how he did it: He provided advice on how to treat the injury ensuring I got the right balance between rest, exercise, ice and heat therapy. He gave me exercises that I could easily do at home or in the office without attracting attention. He adapted my training program to focus on strengthening the small muscles in the ankle without doing any high impact exercise. He ensured that I still worked as hard as normal and burnt the same amount of calories at each session, just with different exercises. Every PT session with Ade is always different and he guaranteed that this theme continued as we worked to strengthen the ankle. This meant the recovery was pretty pain free and fun! I have been training with Adrian for a long time now but he still manages to amaze me with his knowledge, expertise, fun and professional approach to his work. Thanks Ade, without you I would still be limping!


I came to the Fitness Room a few days after getting a surprise diagnosis of severe osteoporosis. Everyone at the Fitness Room was so kind and supportive, and within a few days Adrian designed an exercise programme to help my particular symptoms. Now, eight months later I’ve been able to pick up a bag of manure on my allotment that last year I couldn’t even drag. I have to wait another 18 months before my next bone density test, and by then I’m hoping for good news about increased bone strength. Thank you Fitness Room! ” Thanks for helping me to get stronger.


Adrian Forster at The Fitness Room has really helped me to achieve my 90 day goal. I am thrilled to have lost 30 pounds, to have increased my level of fitness and to better understand nutrition. I could not have done any of this without Adrian’s guidance and support. He has been encouraging and made me believe that I could reach my goals. I feel confident using the equipment in the gym and enjoy the exercise programme. It is a combination of cardio and weights and the intensity has increased over the 90 days. When I started I could hardly do 3 minutes on the Climber at Level 1! Now, I can do 10 minutes of interval training and feel that I will be able to increase that further in the near future. I have also improved in speed, stamina and distance on the other cardio machines. Adrian has set achievable goals and has encouraged me to push myself, but always within safe limits. I feel stronger, fitter and healthier as a result – and I enjoy going to the gym!


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